TAG School Bus App is equally beneficial for children and parents alike. Both users can receive alerts of the ETA (estimated time of arrival) and distance the School Bus is from your pickup location. TAG School Bus App will also send ‘Push Notifications” when the bus arrives at the stop, departs from the stop and arrives safely at school. Parents can also alert Driver of Child’s attendance.

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Highly responsive
vehicle GPS tracking performance


Parents will receive “Push Notifications” of School Bus Distance and Time of Arrival

Live Cam View

View in “Real Time” School Bus Interior or Exterior

GPS Tracking

See School Bus Location, Speed and Route. Know Historical Data such as All Stops with Duration and if Bus Exits Route

Student Ridership

Know If and When Student Boards Bus. Parents will Receive Alert if Child Doesn’t Board

School Admin

Know Ridership, Driver Login and Driving Behavior

Fleet Manager

Know Bus Location, Miles Driven, View Engines Diagnostics and Receive Alerts of Check Engine Alert Codes